Rebellion up for three TIGA awards!

Yesterday we got the awesome news that not one but TWO Rebellion games were nominated as finalists in the upcoming 2013 TIGA awards.

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army was nominated as ‘Best Action Adventure’, while our iOS game Joust Legend has managed to grab two nominations for ‘Best Arcade Game’ and ‘Best Visual Design’.

Being nominated in the TIGA awards is a huge honour for independent studios like Rebellion.

For those who don’t know about TIGA, it’s a crucial organisation that represents the UK games industry. It’s through their work – such as securing tax breaks for UK developers by lobbying the government – that indie game studios like Rebellion and many others can continue to make games.

Of course a huge pat on the back goes out to the NZA and Joust teams for all the effort and passion put into both projects, as well as all the support they got from the video, audio, QA teams and more!

It’s been an exciting year for Rebellion but there’s more to come.

With NZA, what started as a fun spin-off project before Sniper Elite 3 quickly took us all by surprise and broke out into a cult hit with a follow up due later this year, and we’ve got more info on that coming very soon!

And similarly, Joust Legend quickly found itself featured by Apple in the iOS store when it launched back in September, and we have plans to bring more content to the game in the future!

We can’t wait for the ceremony and hopefully we can come home with some silverware after narrowly missing out at the Develop Awards.

Lining up against ace indie studios like Curve, Born Ready, Sumo, Future Games of London and more, it just goes to show how strong the UK development scene is now.

Good luck everyone!  

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