Rebellion's first ever livestream!

YouTube was a huge part of the original Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army's success.

We couldn't believe that within hours of the game going live, there were hundreds of "let's plays" of gamers taking on Hitler's undead super soldiers with their friends. Then, even bigger channels, like NGTZombies, KSI and SeaNanners got involved and NZA simply took off!

There just isn't a better way to find out if a game is worth playing. It's not a magazine preview based on a carefully constructed trailer, it's honest, second by second opinions from gamers you trust!

So to say a little thanks to the community that helped make NZA1 a success, we decided to have a little fun of our own and livestream some of the studio playing NZA2 live while trying to run a Q&A, and even giving away some Steam keys.

It was great fun and we got hundreds of viewers an questions. And yes, we died a lot. Especially on 4x zombies.

Thanks to everyone that got involved to make it a fun evening, and hopefully we'll run more of these in the future!

In the meantime, if you're a gamer with an up and coming YouTube channel who wants to play or review NZA2, email press[at] We can't give keys to everyone, but we've already supported hundreds of channels, so you've nothing to lose!


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