The Evil Genius Online Manifesto Vol. 1

Hello, and welcome to the Evil Genius Online blog! Here you'll be able to read regular updates from the team as we continue to work on the game, hopefully giving you an insight into what we're doing and at the same time answering a few of the questions that you might have.

Evil Genius Online (EGO) is a web-based free to play game that we've built ourselves from scratch in Flash. We're pretty proud of that, and think that compared to many other browser-based games it really does showcase the potential of the technology it's built on. It even offers complete 360 degree camera rotation so that all budding Evil Geniuses out there can make one-hundred percent sure none of their Minions are slacking uselessly around their Lairs!

The overall aim of EGO is for players to build their own evil empire filled with particularly menacing equipment, which in turn will allow them to not only foil the attempts of super agent John Steele and his SABRE organisation to sabotage your hard work, but also to move towards total global domination as well. Ever watched a film or played a game and noticed that it's always the bad guys that seem to be having the most fun? On EGO you can find out why!

Whether it's dealing with hapless Minion workers, creating a wide range of gizmos to help your nefarious activities, upgrading your technology to make it more efficient and open up new items and evildoing opportunities or balancing your Lair's Security rating with a range of clever decoy decorations, there's plenty to be done. Running alongside this, your in-game assistant Penny Foxworth will make sure you always have a good idea of what you could be doing next - stealing things, blowing stuff up... pretty much most evil things you can think of!

At the moment the game is in a period of closed beta testing, and we as a team are picking up some great feedback from the initial batch of Evil Geniuses who signed up to play. We're pleased to see so many people enjoying themselves and taking all of the comments and suggestions on-board as we continue to polish the game further, and we look forward to bringing you updates and inside information as we head forwards!

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