The Evil Genius Online Manifesto Vol. 2

Another busy week has flown by for the Evil Genius Online team as we continue to push towards opening the game up for everyone to play (soon, we promise!) – much coffee and the excitement about the new generation of console launches has ensured time has flown by for everyone, and many, many improvements, additions and tweaks have been made based on our excellent feedback from the beta testers.

One of the first things we did when the project started was to all quickly agree that part of the charm of the original Evil Genius was its sense of humour, and that was something we needed to carry over to Evil Genius Online. On the one hand we want players to feel evil – as if they are plotting a course for world domination and making sure no-one stands in their way. On the other hand, as I am sure many who are reading this would appreciate, there are certain aspects of being evil that could seem a little off or insensitive given various political states around the world.

It’s a fine line, but one we’ve been aware of and understood. There are still countless numbers of rather menacing evil deeds the player can work through; stealing landmark pieces of loot and proudly displaying them, flushing industrial strength laxative into SABRE’s water system to make sure their pesky agents are rather occupied instead of trying to thwart your activities, causing a prison break-out to avert police attention from a particularly nifty piece of thievery... the list goes on. Think of it as evil with an edge of slapstick and you’re on the right track.

Then there are your Minions. Whilst some may question the wisdom of hiring brainless cannon fodder to do your bidding, the truth is that their lack of intelligence means they’ll do whatever you ask them to without questioning the rights and wrongs. It also means they are remarkably easy to please... or scare into obedience. For example, if a player finds one of their hired goons to be underperforming, shooting him will suddenly cause the others to become less lazy. Funny, huh?

This leads onto another neat little trick for keeping your workforce happy. Cleaning up the mess left by the above-mentioned execution means you gain yourself some Suspicious Meat, which by complete coincidence also happens to be the main ingredient of the burgers served to your Minions in the Mess Hall. How fortunate! Your Minions get a nourishing meal, you get rid of the evidence and your Lair clicks onwards even more productively than before.

Anyway, that’s a small snippet of the kinds of activities you’ll find yourself overseeing as an Evil Genius on EGO. Over the upcoming week we’ve got some great features and improvements going into the game – we’ll let you know about a few of those soon. See you next week!


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