Rebellion and YouTube

Like any independent studio, Rebellion can’t survive without support from gamers.

It’s gamers who send us feedback, tell their friends, write reviews, build wikis, and yes, monetize “Let’s Play” videos on YouTube. No game can succeed without a community.

We know that games like Sniper Elite V2 and Nazi Zombie Army owe their success to the thousands of YouTubers out there publishing footage of them playing, loving, completing our games, showing off their skills or offering up tips for rookies.  We support this because that’s exactly how we find out about games we love too.

Recently we’ve been hearing from YouTubers that they’ve been receiving a flood of copyright strikes, and in almost all cases these won’t have come from us.

If you’re a gamer that’s had strikes against your monetized videos featuring footage taken from Rebellion games, please get in touch so we can try and resolve the disputes as quickly as we can.

Things change fast, and we’re still getting our heads round how we can help support gamers and make it as easy as possible to make video content of our games so they don’t have to worry about copyright disputes.

As indie developers we support YouTube in their aim to defend copyright, but we don’t believe that chasing after legitimate fan-made game play videos is the answer.  In fact we’re very happy when our players show what they can do in our games and encourage our fans to help spread the word.

What we’d like to see is more action on videos that show how to crack or hack our games for the simple reason that if too many people get cracked versions of our games, we don’t get the money back that enables us to make more games, so everyone loses out.

For now though, we can’t wait to see what gamers come up with next, and if you want to use footage from Rebellion games, just get in touch at