Evil Genius Online Open Beta

So, this is it – the day we’ve been working towards for the past year or so! Evil Genius Online is being opened up for everyone and anyone to have a play, build their Lairs and make an example of the good guys by humiliating secret agent John Steele at every possible opportunity.

Join the Open Beta here: https://apps.facebook.com/evil-genius-online/

Having mentioned it last week, I’d like to spend the majority of this week’s entry (the last of 2013) thanking each and every one of the people who joined us back in early November to beta test the game. We’ve had a continual flow of excellent thoughts, comments and suggestions and as a team have not only had great fun interacting with everyone, but have also found the experience incredibly useful at the same time.

A particularly good example of this is the game’s Minion Roster, and how it has developed with the aid of user comments and testing. The Minion Roster is found in the upper right corner of each Evil Genius’s screen and can be used to check what your Minions are up to at any particular moment, and also allows the player to click on any of them to take them directly to that Minion immediately. It’s a handy little tool to have, but through interacting with the folks playing the game we have managed to present it in a much more concise manner, using icons to show which level each Minion is and better show what currently task they are performing to the limit of their somewhat lacking ability. Additionally, following on directly from feedback we’ve implemented sort functionality so you can order your Minions to your heart’s content.

Another example of how we’ve worked with the beta testers to help shape the game is by asking them which of the original Evil Genius super agents they wanted to see appear in Evil Genius Online the most. We had plenty of votes on the poll and comments to read, and it was pretty clear to us that the most popular character with the majority was Katerina Frostonova. She has duly been given an EGO art makeover and will be making an appearance during the game in an attempt to thwart your evil machinations and pile scorn on rival agencies who aren’t up to her standards. Be warned – she’s quite the foe.

Thus, it is appropriate to take this time to say thank you to each person who spent time testing the game. Whether you spent hours, days or weeks and no matter if you only passed comment rarely, added a few thoughts or regularly contributed to discussions, each and every one of you has really helped the team improve the game over the past few months. Each and every one of the team here looks forward to continuing our work with our trusty band of beta Evil Geniuses well into the new year and beyond.

With that said, we’re all off for a little break over the holiday period. From all on Team EGO, have a happy festive season and we’ll see you all for what promises to be an exciting and evil-filled 2014. We’ve got plenty of new stuff we’re excited to show off – new room types housing new equipment, ways of training your Minions to specialise, leaderboards, achievements and of course Global Domination mode. The fun’s just getting started!

Join the Open Beta here: https://apps.facebook.com/evil-genius-online/


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