The Evil Genius Online Manifesto Vol. 4

We on Team Evil Genius Online (or Team EGO if we’re feeling pleased with ourselves) have arrived in December after another busy week of work on the game, with some features being given a last lick of polish before we head towards opening the game up for its open beta stage. Exciting times!

As such, I felt it was an ideal opportunity to give everyone a bit of an insight into how we as a team have been working with our Closed Beta community to give EGO the best start it can have. It’s something we were very keen on doing from day one – having feedback coming in from players that we could work with in order to improve and expand the game accordingly. It’s proven to be as useful as we’d hoped.

Since the game entered Closed Beta over a month ago, we’ve been reading everything each community member has asked or suggested and considered if they would improve the experience. As I mentioned a while ago, one thing we felt was important for EGO was that players had a good amount of content to work through and plenty of things to keep them engaged and playing. Obviously, the flip side of this is that the more content you have in your game, the trickier balancing it all is!

At times, players might suggest that a particular mission feels like it takes a little too long, or perhaps a craft might require one resource too many to make it as lucrative as they’d hoped. Their comments are assigned to the relevant people and we take a look at the analytics and change accordingly. Similarly, as we’ve streamlined the game’s systems we’ve been very keen on making the game as easy to understand and balance from the player’s side of things as we can; being an Evil Genius does require total mastery over the various elements of evildoing after all!

With that in mind, we have taken some of the game’s systems and gently affected the balance, seeing how players get on with the change. This might be something like how Minions react to having to do work (lazy slackers) or how certain items affect the running of the player’s Lair. Through communication with our beta testers we’ve been able to understand players’ mindsets even more and use that knowledge to the game’s advantage.

We are really excited to be on the verge of opening the game’s doors and inviting everyone in. Analysis and evolution of the game won’t stop at that point – the past month has confirmed how key good communication between our team and the people playing our game is, and it’s something we will continue to put high value on as we roll out new game modes to keep folks entertained.

Finally, I’d like to personally thank our dedicated beta testers for their thoughts and comments over the past month. You’ve all been brilliant, and we’re pleased that you’ve enjoyed the experience. Thanks guys!


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