Sniper Elite 3 - Behind the Lines

Since announcing Sniper Elite 3 earlier this year we’ve had to remain pretty quiet, working away behind the scenes to make the studio’s best ever game, and delivering it to gamers on not one, but FIVE different platforms! There was so much we wanted to share, but we didn’t feel the time was right.

But all that’s about to change...

Starting this month we’re going to be bringing regular developer blogs and video diaries straight to the Sniper Elite community.

This is something we were never really able to do with Sniper Elite V2, and as proud as we were of the game, we didn’t take gamers inside the studio and share the game while it was being made.

V2 couldn’t have been the success it was without the Sniper Elite community. Whether it was feedback through our forum, trading tips on Facebook or posting incredible trick shot videos on YouTube, Sniper Elite fans helped make the game what it was.

And now we’re hoping to give a little back by taking gamers inside the game’s development and sharing our thoughts (and maybe even a few sneaky videos and screens!) of all the behind-the scenes-action – from footage of our mo-cap sessions, to interviews with the game’s actors, an in-depth look at the tech behind the new X-ray kill cam...and loads more.

And if you’re already a forum member, or follow us on the likes of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, you’ll get to see this stuff before anyone else.

Watch out for more content this month, and every month until the game’s 2014 launch, and as always feel free to get in touch!


sniper elite 3 dev diary