Rebellion Gamestore – Bigger, Better, Cheaper!

When we released Nazi Zombie Army 2 back in October, it wasn’t the only thing we launched – we also opened up the virtual doors to our very first online games shop – the Rebellion Gamestore!

This week we’re proud to announce that not only have we expanded the Gamestore with our PC back catalogue, but we’re holding a week long sale on every single game and DLC pack!

There’ll be big discounts up to 75% every day until Friday 13th December, so make sure to visit every day for new deals on our latest PC games like Nazi Zombie Army 2 and Sniper Elite V2, as well as classics like Rogue Trooper and Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000.

Support Rebellion, access your games on Steam

So how does the Rebellion Gamestore work and why should you choose to buy direct from us?

Buying Rebellion’s PC games direct from our Gamestore means much more of your money is directly supporting the studio and the development of exciting future games and DLC. Selling our games directly to you also allows us to give you access to sales and promotions that you can’t get anywhere else. And this is just the start. In the near future we’re planning on offering exclusive content and packs to customers new and old!

And when you buy from us, you’ll receive Steam keys so you can still get all the same great features as you would buying direct from Steam including automatic updates, trading cards, achievements, game tracking, Steam communities and much more.

Take a look through the Rebellion Gamestore sale here

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