Joust Legend Free for One Week!

Since its August release this year Joust Legend has seen immense success & acclaim from both critics and players, as well as nominations for the 2013 TIGA awards and a fantastic response from the playing community. Everyone here is very proud of Joust Legend and Jason (CEO of Rebellion) is no doubt very impressed that his jousting (motion captured) skills are being seen across the globe.

We decided it was high time to celebrate the successes of Joust legend, break out the mead, carve the hog roast and sing of merry times! Which is why for one week starting Friday, Joust Legend will be a Free App!

We’d like as many people as possible to experience the adrenaline fuelled world of Jousting in the king’s tournament, pitting yourself up against the mightiest knights across all of England. No longer will Joust Legend only be available to the high born, ITunes Gift Card wielding lords & ladies. Now everyone can play without a shilling spent; and we encourage you to spread the word via your strongest messenger Ravens.

Not only will Joust Legend become free to the masses but we will also be adding New Items to best prepare you for the challenges ahead. Suit up in New Armour sets, ready your steeds and brace for impact in Europe’s greatest jousting tournament.

Joust Legend is Available Now Free (Friday 6th – Friday 13th Dec 2013) in the Appstore!

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