Evil Genius Online announced!

August 8th saw us finally reveal that we've been developing Evil Genius Online for launch on Facebook in 2013.

Announced alongside registration for a closed beta, we were blow away when all 500 spaces were taken in just a few hours! 

Below is an extract from the press release that we made public, including comments from Jason, Rebellion's Creative Director and CEO.

Look out for more news on the project soon!


Staying true to the original’s rewarding world domination simulation and super-villain humour, players will be able to construct an underground lair, launch nefarious deeds across the globe, thwart the Forces of Justice, and become the world’s most notorious criminal mastermind.

Gamers will also be able to take advantage of the integrated social features available on Facebook to form evil syndicates, send spies to rival lairs and or share rare and crucial items in the form of bribes.

Rebellion CEO and Creative Director Jason Kingsley explained how the project came about:

“As an independent developer, it’s crucial that we really explore free-to-play beyond mobile games. We challenged a small team here in our Oxford studio to create a social game that was not only compelling, but technically impressive and we just kept coming back to Evil Genius – the lair construction, the strategy, the humour - it was just a perfect fit.”

 “Hopefully the social nature of Facebook will help players spread the word about Evil Genius to a new gaming generation.”


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