Joust Legend thunders onto the App Store!

Today we're excited to announce the launch of our latest iOS game, Joust Legend onto the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and it's got a bit of an intresting history to it!

Although he's never shy of declaring his passion for all things history on Twitter, not many gamers know that Rebellion's CEO and co-founder Jason spends most of his weekends travelling and competing as a champion jouster in full medieval armour on his trusty steed Warlord.

When we started playing around with the idea of a jousting game, we quickly discovered that the tourney nature of jousting was perfect for the shorter game sessions you tend you have on phones and tablets, with quick, intense 'best of three' battles, a knock out format, and room to hone lance skills between duels.

Become a King's Champion, a nation's hero

Set in 1472, the game starts with the King of France issuing a challenge to King Edward IV of England – announcing a grand Tourney to showcase the finest warriors and defend the honour of these two proud nations.

Gamers get to play as a young knight with ambitions of becoming Edward’s champion, testing their mettle in ever-more challenging joust tourneys and prize fights, using the gold they earn from wins to earn new equipment and perfect their combat skills.

Players need to combine sharp reactions with skill, careful tactics and split second decision-making if they have any chance to progress through the King’s Trials and become a Joust Legend.

Horses, lances ... and lycra suits!

To recreate the bone-crunching sport of jousting on mobile devices, we  teamed up with sister studio Audiomotion to motion capture Jason riding his horse Warlord in a real-world jousting session – not an easy feat as Jason explains:

“It was a challenge for sure - try getting a lyrca mo-cap suit on a stallion! We wanted Joust Legend to look and feel as authentic as possible, and we’re delighted with the result. We think gamers on the move will really appreciate the detail and depth to the combat.”

Where to get it

You can find Joust Legend on the App Store for $1.99 / £1.49 and it supports iPhone (4+) and iPad (2+) and iPod touch (5th gen+).

It also features Gamecenter integration and iCloud saves between devices, so if you buy it on your iPad, you can also play it on your iPhone and vice versa.

We hope you have as much fun playing it as we did making it!

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