Joust Legend review round-up!

It’s always nerve-wracking waiting for reviews to come in, but especially when it’s a mobile game!

There are just so many iOS, Android and Windows Phone games released every day that the usual rules about teasers, previews and interviews – things we really enjoy about working on our console and PC games – just don’t really apply.

In most cases, the writer’s first look at the game is when they’re reviewing it, so without any previous coverage, we’re equally unsure how they might react!

So how did games writers and bloggers react to Joust Legend?

Well, we’re proud to say that that the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re already sitting on a respectable 73/100 on Metacritic.

They’ve also pointed out some little improvements that could be made – and this is one of the best things about gaming on the App Store and other digital platforms – games can just get better and better with time.

Just before launch though, Touch Arcade were the first site to break the news that Joust Legend was on the way and they uploaded a hilarious play test video which is as good as any review – it’s worth a watch just for their commentary!

A couple of days later, the reviews started coming in and we couldn’t believe that respected gaming sites like Touch Arcade, Pocket Gamer, 148 Apps and Gamezebo were so quick to play and review the game.

Aside from a combat system that was easy to pick up but hard to put down, we really hoped that Joust Legend would push some of the higher end iPhones and iPads to the limit, and it looks like both the graphics and art-style have gone down really well:

"A lot of what makes Joust Legend great is the superb presentation...The camera angles are very cinematic, really driving home the impact of collisions ... It looks, sounds, and feels, for lack of a better word, bad-ass."Touch Arcade

“Joust Legend isn’t actually the first jousting game ever, but I can tell you it is the best playing, and by far best looking. The graphics on this app are some of the best the mobile world has ever seen, and are sure to turn heads wherever you take it, as well as constantly surprise you not just with the visual pop they provide, but with the well thought out and executed artistic design that enhances their appeal far beyond the initial wow factor." - Bullz-Eye

Of course, we won’t ignore some of the suggestions reviewers made – particularly about device support, the tutorial, and better communicating to gamers what the impact of new tactics, skills and equipment can have on the game. We’ve already started to work on these!

But aside from tweaks, we’re also planning to support Joust Legend with lots of new content – making games today means more than just lauching and moving onto the next project – it’s really important that we give gamers fun reasons to come back to our games!

Keep an eye out for an update in the near future. Until then, may your horse ride fast and your lance remain steady!

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