The Evil Genius Online Manifesto Vol. 6

It’d be safe to say that 2014 kicked off in a rather dramatic manner for Team EGO, what with the Oxfordshire area being subjected to consistent heavy rainfall and then the inevitable flooding shortly after. Thankfully in spite of some early wakeup calls due to a sudden reliance on public transport each and every one of us stayed safe and dry, and although a few of us needed a day off here and there whilst the chaos settled we’re now back into the swing of things, allowing us to crack on with making Evil Genius Online even bigger and better.

The game’s transition from closed to open Beta has gone well, and we’re all very pleased with the amount of interest and activity surrounding it. Of course, having an ever-growing group of players means the pressure is always on to keep moving the game forward with fun new content and interesting new game modes, and it’s one of those that I’m going to chat with you about this week. Obviously, if you’re playing the game and fancied spreading the word to potential Evil Geniuses amongst your friends we’d be delighted; the more evil the better after all!

Think of your average Minion. Your disposable boiler-suited workers are what – at the end of the day – make the difference between you taking over the world and having a fully-fledged Lair of evil equipment or John Steele getting the upper hand and thwarting your efforts. Sadly, as every Evil Genius has found at varying points in their careers, Minions are also prone to being completely useless buffoons - mostly going on strike when not allowed to sleep or eat as an example. That’s the price you pay for having a workforce that questions the ethics of what you’re doing!

However, shortly all of you geniuses out there will be able to give your Minions a bit of a prod in the right direction with the new Minion Training system we are busily working on. You’ll be able to send one of the little slackers into your Training Room and assign them to pieces of equipment that will give them a certain job – be it a scientist, a guard or similar. From those jobs you will then be able to specialise your Minions even further, perhaps making them a Bio Chemist or a Technician. Each role will give you a nice bonus to productivity in your Lair, allowing the player to make a call on which areas they wish to enhance.

A good example of this could be the two science labs that can be built in your evil Lairs, and the multitude of equipment and tasks that are carried out within them. Training a Minion to become a Scientist will offer a percentage reduction on the time it takes to do those tasks, and obviously the higher the level of the Minion you train, the more time will be reduced.

However, the player may wish to go even further than this; if they so wish they can train their Minion to specialise as a Technician. In doing so the Minion will lose any bonuses applying to the Chemical Lab, but gain a much higher bonus for everything in the Tech Lab. It’s all about balancing and completely up to the individual where they focus training and to what level; obviously a bog-standard Minion will continue to do everything to the same exasperatingly average level as before.

Of course, training isn’t just planned to have an effect on goings on within the player’s Lair. When the time comes to spread your evil wings and move out into the wide world then having different types of Minions will no doubt vastly improve your chances of success and domination, but that’s something to chat about a bit later! Until then stay evil and keep your eyes peeled on the Official Evil Genius Online Facebook App page for frequent updates from us as we continue to roll out new content for you to play – leaderboards, Global Domination mode, achievements, second floors with new infirmary, armoury and interrogation equipment, themed evil missions for Valentine’s Day and Easter – it’s all headed your way in the next few months!

Stay evil!

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