EGO - A Decade of Malevolence Competition!

A Decade of Malevolence

You may have noticed a couple of new missions in this weeks update ("The Bigger Picture" and "Big Anniversary") in which you restore a 3D printer gifted to you by Max, then begin producing Evil Genius Boxed Copies for rewards like a Bag of Gems, an Evil Genius Poster and more cool stuff.

You can complete the mission series by collecting 100 boxed copies, however the fun doesn't stop there!

Over the next 2 weeks we'll be hosting a competition to see who can collect the most boxed copies of Evil Genius?  Join in on the ‘Decade of Malevolence’ competition to win great prizes.

The competition ends on Thursday 16th Oct, harvest as many boxed copies of Evil Genius from the 3D printer as you can and check your progress on the ‘Leaderboard of Infamy’.

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We've got a variety of great prizes for our winners, including thanks to CM Storm, a Keyboard, Mouse and Headset bundle! We'll also be giving out in-game prizes to randomly selected players on the leaderboard.

Here’s what you could win:

1st Place will win:

2nd - 10th Place will win.

11th – 100th Place will win.


Check your progress on the new Leaderboard of Infamy by clicking the "Click" button when you select the 3D Printer.

Click here to see where you are on the ‘Leaderboard of Infamy’

Hints & Tips

Here's some ideas that can help you get into the top 10.

**Hint** Try to have a constant supply of time portals to help you speed up production, think about how to use other boosters at the same time for an extra boost.

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