Can you break through Fracture?

Sniper Elite 3’s latest update is now live on Steam and includes the free new multiplayer map “Fracture” which like other free maps “Outpost Canyon” and “Nightwatch” will be coming to consoles in November.

We grabbed Andy Shaw from Rebellion’s Runcorn studio to give us quick guide to the design philosophy of the map and give you some tricks and tips.

Take it away Andy!


This secret weapons factory built across a jungle chasm has been deserted for some time, abandoned to the snipers. This is a No Cross only map, with each side identical but for the shadows that cast over the red half. Each team occupies an area on each side of the chasm that can be reached via a bridge. Each part of the map offers varied engagement distances - push up to the bunkers for a closer fight, or pull right back to the bridge for the longest shots.

Fracture Screenshot 3


Each side of the map is fortified with bunkers at the closest point between the two teams. Further back, a bridge spans the chasm. 

Tips & Tricks

Crossing the bridge can be a nerve racking sprint, especially with explosive barrels standing on it, but the distance between teams means it takes a crack shot to hit anyone running across.

This is the ultimate test of a sniper using wind and bullet drop. Shots need to be 'dropped' over obstructions such as bridges in order to hit any longer range targets, but aim too high and you are liable to hit something much closer - the 'window' can be very small indeed.

There is a hidden ledge at the far end of the map that offers probably the longest MP shot in the game.

Fracture Screenshot 3

Production/ Design

“Fracture” is a No Cross only map, as we know many players love No Cross! As such each side is a mirror, but angled in a way that covers only one half of the opposing team's side. This encourages movement across the map if you want to rack up the kills - moving forwards or deeper back, as well as crossing the chasm, will open up an array of possible shots.

Fracture is available now on PC for free to all Sniper Elite 3 players and will be coming to consoles soon.

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