It sold out even before it hit shelves, but now the critically-acclaimed US-format DREDD movie sequel comic book, UNDERBELLY, is back!

In a first for 2000 AD, the comic book sequel tie-in to the cult hit and DVD/Blu-Ray smash DREDD is now available to order as a one-shot US-format 32-page comic with a brand new and exclusive cover by DREDD concept and storyboard artist, Jock.

Aside from being the only official comic book tie-in to the DREDD movie, starring Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby, this is also the first ever US-format comic book direct from 2000 AD. Underbelly is an experimental foray for the legendary British comics publisher in US-format comics specifically for the North American market.

Brought to you by Seattle-based writer Arthur Wyatt and fan favourite artist Henry Flint, DREDD: Underbelly picks up a year after the movie with Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson investigating a gruesome mass grave - could this be linked to a new drug that has flooded into the blocks of Mega-City One after the fall of the Ma-Ma clan?

Demand has been so high for this special one-shot that 2000 AD is to reprint it – it will be available worldwide through any comic book retailer that uses Diamond Distribution.

You can order DREDD: UNDERBELLY one of two ways:

1) ask your local comic book store to order a copy using Diamond order code DEC138479 by 17th February.

2) Ordering a copy now through your online comics retailer by 17th February (UK here & US here).

This special edition will go to print after 17th February, so make sure you reserve your copy before then!

Remember - UNDERBELLY will not be available through newsagents and to avoid disappointment we urge all citizens to order their copies ASAP!


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