The Evil Genius Online Manifesto Vol. 8

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As I type this week's blog entry, most of Oxfordshire is doing its best to become a giant pond again as flooding makes an unwelcome return. Thankfully due to some sterling work from the local authorities we're slightly more prepared than last time, so luckily Team EGO has managed to keep on track and keep adding new content and polishing the game busily all week. Our thoughts to those who've not been so fortunate avoiding the overspilling Thames.

As time's gone by since we launched the game into Closed Beta we've had a good number of questions from the community about the team and the game, so I thought it was high time I answered some! Please note that these answers don't represent the opinions of Rebellion as a company.

Q: Who is the favourite Evil Genius from the original game in the office? What about your favourite henchman?

A: Tricky one this... personally, I would have to go for Maximilian, although I think Alexis has quite the secret fanbase around these parts too. As for a favourite henchman, this one's easy for me: Eli! That guy's got style.

Q: What can you tell us about the upcoming Global Domination feature? –

A: Ah, that's a good one! Let me see. Well, I can tell you that you'll be going across the globe spreading your evil deeds and undertaking risky and particularly menacing missions whilst SABRE, HAMMER and various other pesky Forces of Justice try to stop you. We're keen on giving players the choice to aid other Evil Geniuses in their times of need (for a healthy reward, of course) or competing against each other to prove who really is the most Evil of all the Evil Geniuses out there.

It'll also be a mode in which the choices you make in your Lair - whether that is the resources you choose to focus on creating or the types of Minion you choose to train (more types coming soon!) - will have a knock-on effect and influence your chances of success. We’re getting close to rolling out the 2nd Lair floor, which will allow the player to transfer Minions between different floors in preparation for having a fully-stocked Infirmary and Armoury rooms full of equipment to maintain your operatives and build equipment to help them take over the world on your behalf.

We're currently deep in discussion about Global Domination, so expect a more detailed piece at some time soon!

Q: Are there any plans to have an avatar of ourselves in the game to boost Obedience or productivity?

A: Actually, we have been discussing this recently and are looking at appropriate ways for players to have some kind of Obedience-giving character in their Lair – possibly offering players the choice of a number of pre-set characters. We’ll let you know more shortly!

Q: Any Valentine's theme coming up?

A: You are hopefully playing it now! You can expect plenty of themed missions, items and loot throughout the year – we’re already working on St. Patrick’s Day and Easter content, the latter of which might include infecting the Easter Bunny with some sort of home-brewed myxomatosis virus to slow him down!

Q: What advice would you give a college student who saw the video game industry as their ultimate goal?

A: Go for it! There are plenty of varied, fulfilling careers to be had in this industry. It's a challenging, fun environment to work in whatever you wish to specialise in; design, art, code or anything else. You get to work with great people too, and being able to discuss with a colleague something such as how much you loved Mega Man 2 and have them know exactly where you are coming from is always a perk!

Q: What's your favourite cake?

A: I couldn't possibly name just one. Actually, yes I can - orange and cinnamon cake with a cream cheese topping.


To play Evil Genius Online click here.

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