HIVE MONKEY hits shelves across the UK

It's really no fun emerging from the white hot revelry of the Christmas/New Year double whammy to find yourself in the cold, hard light of the return to the daily grind. Everything feels new and yet ... harsh.

The Solaris team feel your pain. Literally. Mike is convinced that it's actually 1983 and David is hiding under his desk clutching a mince pie and a shotgun, and refusing to come out...

But we nonetheless come with glad tidings, for today marks the day that Gareth L. Powell's HIVE MONKEY hits shelves across the UK. The sequel to his barn-storming critically-acclaimed hit ACK-ACK MACAQUE, HIVE MONKEY sees the return of the gun-toting, cigar-smoking Simia inuus with a penchant for blowing things up.

So we are very pleased to present to you, the primate-passionate public, the first chapter of HIVE MONKEY for your reading pleasure!

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