MoonBase Commander finally lands on Steam

Lunar LAN wars unleashed as MoonBase Commander finally lands on Steam 

Originally developed by Humongous Entertainment for Infogrames (later Atari) in 2002, MoonBase Commander became an instant critical hit, praised for its elegant, engrossing design and endless strategic possibilities.

Critical acclaim

Tycho from Penny Arcade was an instant convert, calling the game “One the most refined exercises in pure strategic amusement ever”, while Gamespot described it as “ ...accessible and uniquely addictive”.

A range of high review scores followed, including 8/10s from IGN and PC Gamer.

Tough times, bright future?

Sadly, strong sales didn’t follow, and over the twelve years since its release MoonBase Commander has had to rely a cult following of dedicated fans who still regard it as one of the purest and most engrossing sci-fi games of all time.

Come 2013, Rebellion rescued the rights to the IP at auction, as CEO and Creative Director Jason Kingsley explains:

“MBC was one of our first priorities at the Atari auction. We’re big fans of the game – it’s a classic example of simple, elegant design and its aged so well. Our main priority was getting Steam support sorted and show to a whole new generation of PC gamers.”

Of course strategy fans will be wondering what the studio plans for the series, and Rebellion hasn’t had its head in the sand:

“There’s been a real renaissance in turn-based strategy recently, driven by the explosion in mobile gaming. It’s something we can’t ignore.”

You can find Moonbase Comander on Steam now

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