The Evil Genius Online Manifesto Vol. 7

Team EGO’s worker minions have been drinking their Revival Elixirs and levelling themselves up plenty this past week as we move past the introduction of training and start expanding players’ options.  We’ve been very pleased with the reaction we’ve gotten and to see players having discussions on the best combination of Minion types for their Lair – always good to see a feature provoke some debate amongst the community!

Debate and potential arguments leads me nicely into the subject of this week’s update: Valentine’s Day. As we did with Christmas we are – as of Saturday 8th February – offering players the chance to secure themselves a signature piece of loot to proudly display in their Lair if they complete a themed heist series.

I know what you’re thinking: ‘Romance? No Evil Genius has time for that’. Well, that’s what your assistant Penny Foxworth thinks too... until you unearth a SABRE agency plot so sneaky that you can’t help but get involved to put a stop to their devious scheme. Of course, nothing’s ever quite that simple and there’re more than a few twists and turns packed in along the way!

Of course, being able to put seasonal missions in like the above are one of the advantages of the platform that EGO is on and being able to release content quickly. It also allows us to put in – tasteful, of course – new missions for players that take their cues from real world events. As a designer it’s a challenging aspect of the job to keep the content coming, but at the same time the possibilities are endless and your time from getting the content from the design board to the user is pleasingly short.

Obviously it isn’t just a matter of coming up with an idea and then just slotting it in. Any good designer needs talented artists and coders, as well as a good producer who can instantly see where the intended feature or content is supposed to fit into the game and make any counter points before allocate the team’s time appropriately. It’s something that takes a while to get running like clockwork, but thankfully Team EGO is a pretty slick outfit!

We’re all busy implementing new missions, features and content as this is being written and I’d best get back to helping out, but to sign off I’d like to once again thank everyone who has taken the time to play the game and give their feedback – particularly our dedicated and enthusiastic beta test community who continue to help us make the game even more fun week on week. As ever, we look forward to seeing how everyone out there likes the new bits and bobs we’re working on at the moment.


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