Charlie Brooker to appear in Sniper Elite 3


British satirist, screenwriter and broadcaster Charlie Brooker is set to appear in Sniper Elite 3 as a character you will be able to shoot in a specially created level.
Charlie Brooker, a vocal fan of the tactical World War Two shooter series, was invited to visit Rebellion’s studios to see first-hand how the game was created. 

After a tour of Rebellion and 2000AD’s Oxford headquarters, and a hands-on gaming session with Sniper Elite 3, the studio’s Creative Director Jason Kingsley proposed a novel ‘thank you’ to the television star for being a long time champion of the title – the chance to have his likeness, movement and voice appear in the game.

Charlie Brooker took Rebellion’s Sniper Elite 3 team up on the offer of appearing in one of his favourite games and put on a full body Lycra suit covered in tiny balls for an intense motion-capture session to act out the movements of several characters.

Rebellion is keeping quiet on Charlie Brooker’s exact role in Sniper Elite 3 for now, but the games creators have promised it will appeal to Charlie’s dark sense of humour, fuelling speculation he won’t just be the good guy. 

An unapologetic gamer and a former video games journalist, Charlie Brooker most recently endeared himself to the gaming community with primetime Channel 4 documentary Videogames Changed the World which featured footage from Rebellion’s award-winning Sniper Elite: V2, a game he described in The Guardian as “The Rolls Royce of sniping games”.
As Rebellion founder and creative director Jason Kingsley explains, having such a high profile fan was too good an opportunity to miss:
“You can buy endorsement all you want, but gamers can tell the difference between a genuine fan and a celeb that is happy to get a payday” 
“At one stage it seemed like Charlie mentioned Sniper Elite every few weeks in his Guardian columns and  we’re incredibly grateful for his support, so this seemed like the perfect way to say ‘thanks’. It was also a great opportunity to reward our team who have worked so hard to get the game ready for its launch in June and we really appreciate Charlie championing a British-made game series. We had a fun time doing his motion capture scenes and in return have promised to give him one of the first copies of the game in June so he can shoot his character with a sniper rifle to his heart’s content.”

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