The Evil Genius Online Manifesto Vol. 11

Aaaaaand.... here it is!

It's been a while since I last managed to escape the glare of Team EGO's Evil Genius and take time out to chat to you, for which I apologise - rest assured that we've all been working our fingers to the bone getting lots of new evil equipment and rooms ready for our dedicated closed beta testing group to try out in their second floor Lair.

I can now finally go into a little more detail about what everyone can expect from the second floor when it goes live to everyone else in a couple of weeks' time. Firstly, there's the Infirmary which houses the Pharmacy Booth and X-Ray Machine amongst other medical type equipment. These will allow the player to collect various medical supplies for missions and also get a closer look at various items they pick up through their evil careers.

The Armoury is up next, with its purposeful looking metal grate floor. The focal piece of equipment here is the Weapons Factory, the source of some pretty powerful tools to help you keep SABRE, HAMMER et al at bay. The Armoury also houses the Nuclear Powerplant, which will give you Plutonium. As I am sure you're aware, that's a pretty menacing resource to have on your hands! I suspect John Steele and friends will start treating you very, very seriously when you have highly radioactive material in your possession!

Moving over to the Archives, the player can indulge in the dark arts of counterfeiting on the Forgery Desk. Should you ever find the need for fake government documents, ID Cards or passports (and you will, don't you worry!) then this is the desk for you. Whilst there you might also wish to assign a Minion to a session on the Multemedia Zone, which trains them and gives them a handy XP boost.

If you're wanting something a little more considered, the Briefing Room will initially give players the chance to do a little tactical planning on the Briefing Table. This room is also planned to be the  hub from which players get started on in the Global Domination mode, which we are making good progress on.

Talking of Global Domination, it's worth pointing out that a crucial part when designing and implementing the second Lair floor is that all of the new equipment - those mentioned and the additional equipment I will allow you to discover yourself - should not only have functions that benefit the player now, but also have planned functionality for new modes when they're ready to roll out too. We've got big plans for how all the player's equipment will allow them to progress to total world domination, and I look forward to giving you a detailed insight into it soon.

Another feature we've been working on recently, and are hoping to release to everyone within the next few weeks, are avatars. These characters can be purchased through the Executive Desk, and will prove rather useful whenever you're casting an evil eye over your Lair. They will take care of any generating piece of equipment once it's ready for collection, running around (even between Lair floors when you move) gathering those crucial resources. This will obviously save handy time in ordering rather useless Minions to do it, giving you time to focus on more evil matters. They also look pretty cool too!

It's that time again where I must head back to working behind the scenes, but keep your eyes on the Evil Genius Online app page on Facebook for all the latest developments as they happen. In the meantime, stay evil and I will talk to you again soon!

evil genius