Jason Kingsley - BBC Interview about Violence in Video Games

Photo: British satirist, Charlie Brooker discussing the culture of video games with Jason Kingsley during a recent visit to Rebellion.

Over the last week violence in video games has once again come to the forefront of the media's attention. With the appalling murder of school teacher Ann Maguire, reports have shown that the 15 year old killer played violent video games like Dark Souls and GTA. Are video games to blame for Ann Maguires murder?

Rebellion CEO and Creative Director, Jason Kingsley was asked to appear on the BBC’s Adrian Goldberg show to discuss whether video games are to blame for violence in teenagers and young adults or the dramatic change in modern culture. He discusses the role of parents and their children, violence in entertainment culture, and game developer’s responsibilities as content creators.

Jason's interview starts at 15 minutes Listen Here


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