The Evil Genius Online Manifesto Vol. 12

Apologies for my absence of late Evildoers – our project overlord has been cracking the whip and making sure us Minions are working our fingers to the bone as we get new content rolling out to our ever-growing army of Evil Geniuses regularly.

A big update that we rolled out recently is the introduction of The Vault for every player. This additional floor will now house all of the loot gained from various missions, allowing every Evil Genius to build their own museum of sorts. We’ve had players post some particularly impressive screenshots of their layouts over the past week or so, and as ever we’ve been surprised at just how many different kinds of floor plans people can come up with. In next week’s update we will allow players to transfer their minions to this floor to prepare for building new items and potentially even protecting... hang on, perhaps I am already saying too much.

On a technical note, this gives us plenty of advantages. By having all of the players’ loot in its own standalone museum floor we can maintain a much smoother frame rate on lower specced machines than we were able to before. There’s plenty of loot to be swiped in EGO currently, and with lots more on the horizon players’ Strong Rooms were always going to balloon in size. On a pure design note, it also means people will have a specific floor that invading enemy agents will be able to target. Thinking on a related line to that, it also means a fun part of the Lair to lay traps to prevent your loot being tampered with!

On top of this, we’re in the process of implementing and testing a new daily mission feature for the game. The idea of this is that players will have a blueprint each month showing them numerous targets. By completing as many daily missions as they can in the month they will make progress in the overall scheme and be rewarded with resources, boosters and perhaps even the odd piece of equipment here and there.  If players don’t manage to get the full 100% completion bonus item at the end of the month then they can always try to get there the next month instead!

This is the first step in moving the game towards Global Domination. We’ve got a number of really interesting and significant game play additions in the proverbial oven right now that we feel will really enhance the game for everyone. I’ll try to go into a little more detail about the most forthcoming of these next time, but for now I’d best get back to work before I get sent to the Minion Tenderiser for slacking!

As a final note, we have noticed recently that portion of our players are having issues with the Syndicate bar. We’d obviously like to offer our apologies for this and to assure you that getting it one-hundred percent shipshape is our main priority right now.

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