The Evil Genius Online Manifesto Vol. 14

If you listen carefully enough, I am sure you can hear it. The ever-increasing volume of distant sambas can only mean one thing; yes, your next-door neighbours are taking dancing lessons again!

Oh, and on a metaphorical level it's also a sign of the World Cup starting.

I know, I know - some of you hate football. It's a bunch of grown men running around a neatly mowed field chasing after a small inflatable plastic ball. I like the sport and I accept that the players are paid too much and spend most of their time doing dives that Olympic swimmers would be proud of, but something we can all agree on is that a huge tournament with a shiny, golden trophy is a particularly interesting heist opportunity for any Evil Genius.

It might not surprise you to know that Penny Foxworth, ace Evil Genius assistant, hasn't let this skip past her notice either. This means that next week you will find yourselves on the hunt of one of the world's most symbolic trophies. As you'd probably imagine, it's not going to be quite as simple as just rocking up to a stadium and pinching the thing.

Whilst I'm on this theme, I should also mention a couple of additional themed bits and bobs going on. You'll probably notice that your standard worker Minions will be getting into the spirit by donning a slightly different uniform to their usual boiler suit, and we're also adding a fine selection of national flags to the Marketplace so you can proudly display your colours to anyone and everyone.

Aside from this, the new Blueprint of Evil daily play feature that I spoke about last week is now in the capeable hands of our beta testers and we're getting some really useful and positive feedback on it already. This is allowing us to smooth out some of the rough edges and make a few balance tweaks here and there, which will obviously mean it'll be in tip-top condition once it's made available to the wider audience of Evil Geniuses out there.

Looking slightly ahead of this, we're also planning a big celebration for US Independence Day and another for their neighbours' Canada day too. We're also moving forward with a new game mode for players that'll see them selling their questionable goods to equally shady corporations for massive profit, but I am only allowed to say... well, about that much in regards to it for the time being.

That pretty much curtails this week's entry - I hope you're all out enjoying the sun (and reading this on some sort of mobile device, obviously). If you're a fan of football then enjoy the weekend, if you're not then I wish you the best of luck dodging it over the next 48 hours. Until next time!

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