It's been a long week at EGO Towers (we don't actually work in a tower, but it somehow sounds rather more evil) - plenty of work has been piled in across various game features, including our new Daily Rewards system.

So, here's the skinny on the new way this will work. When each Evil Genius logs into their game, they will be presented with a blueprint map of objectives, starting at one part of the map and ending at another. Each of these objectives takes the form of a Daily Mission - perhaps complete a certain evil assignment a number of times, or collect a resource or two. As you progress through each day, successful mission completion will gain you progress towards some pretty sweet evil unlocks, which I am sure you will all find particularly useful as you build your evil empires.

We will be rolling this new mode out to our trusty beta testers this coming week so they can run the rule over it and give us some useful feedback. We’re looking forward to seeing how people get on with it, and anything we learn during the closed beta period will obviously be present and correct when it goes live to everybody.

It's the first step that we're taking on the path to a bigger, more global (cough) vision for the game. There are plenty of interesting ideas that we've got lined up on the evil conveyor belt; we've already taken a look at how traps might look in our ultra-secret hidden developer Lairs. Turns out they look pretty awesome! We're also working on getting some cannon fodder for those turrets some of you have built.

Whilst all this has been going on we've also been preparing some more seasonal content for people to enjoy. The primary series of these will see players undertaking a sinister plot to steal some crown jewels for their Strong Rooms. As an additional bonus for those folks who've had the evil foresight to expand to Floor 2, there's an additional series in which Penny suggests you might want to create your own phoney, evil-themed public holiday to boost your Gold supplies. If you've ever wondered what Maximilian's childhood Teddy was called, you'll find out here.

We've also had a bit of a spring clean with the game's User Interface - this will primarily benefit players who like the enjoy their evil in full screen glory. The mission bar now makes use of available screen height so you are able to keep track of more of your tasks at once, and the Mail icon has been switched over to the top left just above the mission bar so you can keep up-to-date with Syndicate members lending you a helping hand.

Looking forward to the week following, I am sure plenty of you have noticed that there's a relatively important football tournament looming large on the horizon (I've been asked to say 'soccer', but my sense of English-ness won't permit it). It's safe to say that Penny and Max have big plans for the tournament that don't stop at simply grabbing the trophy for your own Lair. You'll also notice a rather colourful change in your regular Minions' attire for a period of time too, all to get into the mood of things.

Anyway, it's a stinking hot day here and there's an ice cold glass of water with my name on it waiting for me. Even design Minions need refreshment now and again! I hope you all have very good weekends and I will see you at possibly the same time, definitely the same place next week.

evil genius