The Evil Genius Online Manifesto Vol. 15

You have to love our summer weather, don't you? Most of last week Oxford was bathed in beautiful sunshine, it's lovely warm glow teasing us from the other side of the office windows. Then, come Saturday, your humble Minion here woke excitedly on his day off to find sullen skies and deep puddles everywhere. At least you can't say our weather system doesn't have a sense of humour.

The sweetener in the whole situation is that over the past week we've managed to polish Evil Genius Online some more whilst also adding in some new content for you all to enjoy as the upcoming weeks unfold.

The majority of you are now well into the World Trophy series, in which you make preparations to steal a certain football trophy in order to add it to your collection of loot. For those who have completed this portion of the game, congratulations - Penny Foxworth will inform you soon what you should be doing next to get your hands on that trophy.

We're also rapidly closing in on a day of much significance for our friends across the Atlantic Ocean. Independence Day will of course not escape Penny's notice either, although this time Max will make sure you listen to him as you go about carrying off another succesful heist.

Alongside this, EGO's development Minions have been busy tweaking and refining the Weekly Tournaments and also have continued to work closely with our dedicated beta testers to ensure that the Blueprint of Evil system, in which you will be completing Daily Missions to progress along a map and gain yourself rewards, is fully tip-top and ready for the larger audience of Evil Geniuses out in the wild. You should be getting your hands on the this within the next fortnight.

Other improvements that we have plumbled into the game include your Avatar collecting all available harvest machine collections each time you log in to check progress immediately, and the infiltration screen providing a clearer indication of what you will receive from your Spies' actions in other Syndicate members' Lairs. Oh, and we've also been working additional support for touch screen devices... but more of that at some other date!

All-in-all then a busy week for us all here at Team EGO, but as ever we look forward to seeing your feedback to the new stuff we're loading in. Until next time!

evil genius