The Evil Genius Online Manifesto Vol. 17

It occurred to me the other day whilst I was busy trying to carry a particularly heavy coffee table from someone's car that life would be much, much easier if I had a bunch of Minions at my disposal. Think about how it could change your life for a moment or two.

Annoyed and frustrated that you have to go to the supermarket after a particularly draining day at the office? Get a Minion to do it for you! The dog needs walking? A Minion could do that! On the whole life would flow along in a much more relaxed manner if we could kick up our feet and concentrate on the more important things in life (television, games, listening to music too loudly) whilst a fleet of yellow boiler-suited buffoons ran around tackling the mundane stuff.

I should add a disclaimer here that a husband, wife, child/children or pet monkey shouldn't ever be considered as ideal Minion fodder. Might make things a bit awkward.

There's some compensation in that at the very least you are never more than a few mouse clicks away from an army of virtual Minions to do your bidding, and this week we're rolling out plenty more for them to be doing as you continue your collective rise towards supreme evil.

The most obvious feature that players will notice this week is the Blueprint of Evil addition we've been fine-tuning with our excellent beta testers over the past few weeks. This feature sees the various Evil Geniuses - Max, Alexis, Shen Yu - give you a daily test to see how evil you truly are.

This isn't just a test of course, and players will be rewarded for showcasing their skills. Completing daily missions will allow progress along a map, with smaller rewards being handed out for each individual task and some more impressive gifts being bestowed for certain landmark moments along the way. It's a neat way of keeping your Minions working their fingers to the bone whilst raking in a few bonus items along the way, and we hope you all enjoy it.

We're also in the midst of some neat user feedback tweaks across the whole game. It'd be pretty easy to delve into some kind of deep and meaningful psychological rhetoric in regards to how subtle visual cues can really help players instinctively understand key game mechanics, but the overall point is that we want players to feel rewarded and excited when they achieve feats in the game. You are Evil Geniuses after all - you deserve to feel particularly cunning.

On that note, we're also working on getting plenty of achievements into the game too. This'll give you all the chance to view just how cunning you really are, and how close you are to being even more cunning. I'll preview a couple of these next time.

As ever, feel free to check out the official Evil Genius Online app page on Facebook - - we pride ourselves on interacting with the community as much as time affords us and keeping everyone in the loop with what's going on.

Talking of time, yet again I've run out of it for another week and must bid you all adieu. Remember to stay evil!

evil genius