Master the Lost Valley!

Sniper Elite 3’s 1.06 patch is now live on Steam and includes the free new multiplayer map “Lost Valley” (coming soon to consoles too).

Alex Spyropoulos from our multiplayer team in Rebellion’s Runcorn studio has taken time out to give you all the details, tricks and tips to help snipers acclimatise to their surroundings.

Take it away Alex!


Lost Valley is one of the most varied maps we’ve ever made, so here’s a breakdown of some of the key landmarks to look out for right away:


Being king of the hill

The first thing you’ll notice is that the semi-excavated ruins to the north of the map offer a commanding view of the level and provide a wealth of good shots.

It's a high-risk - high-reward location as the path to it can be quite exposed and once you're there people will be gunning for you!

Lost Valley screenshot

The central mountain also serves as a great offensive and defensive location for teams looking to be “king of the hill” so to speak.

There are four separate ways to get up on to the second level of the mountain; a quick and very exposed climb on the east side, a sheltered and stealthier climb with good rock and tree cover on the west side, a path that runs from ground level on the east and leads up and around on the south side, and a multi-step climb inside the mountain caves themselves.

Ambushes and exit strategies

The waterfront shallows to the south of the map can be a good place to lay in ambush for other players, because if just giving it a brief glance you may not even realise it’s shallow enough to walk through!

Lost Valley screenshot

The two camp sites have two routes in-and-out, but each also has a third route for getting out only.

These drop downs offer a quick getaway in the event of a siege but can also be used against you by clever trap usage.

Watch your step!

The sinkhole to the north also has a hidden route under the bridge that players can use to cross the area out of sight from the mountain, and it allows shots up onto the excavation scaffolding. Just watch your step on that narrow path!

Lost Valley sink hole

Foliage FTW!

Lastly the most obvious thing would be using the foliage to your advantage. It can make you very hard to see, but the drawback is that you won’t be able to rely on your aim assist from within.

That’s it from me –  we hope you enjoy Lost Valley!


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