Hunker down in the Plantation

Sniper Elite 3’s latest patch is now live on Steam and includes the free new multiplayer map “Plantation” which like the other free maps "Lost Valley" and "Airstrip" will also be coming to consoles soon.

This time it's the turn of Andy Shaw from our Runcorn studio to give a quick guide to the design philosophy of the map

Take it away Andy!


Andy: Plantation is a different style map to what some of our more experienced multiplayer snipers will be used to.

The Design

The thinking behind Plantation was to design a map that played with the traditional Sniper Elite design conventions where multiple strategic high points look down into a bowl of lower level buildings and terrain, with a safe path around the perimeter.

Plantation landscape screenshot

The aim was to make a balanced, open map where players could make decent sniper positions wherever they chose to hunker down, rather than have several key positions around the map that could get congested and chaotic.

With more open spaces, bottlenecks are far less likely to develop. The buildings are all single storey so that no particular positions will dominate; in fact, rocky mounds and hills make just as good sniping positions as the rooftops, with vegetation serving as adequate cover and good camouflage too of course! 

Tips and tricks

First up here's a handy summary of the layout:

The borders:


Plantation screen 2


The watch towers are ideal tagging and sniping positions, but they can also attract plenty of enemy fire.

The irrigation ditches that criss-cross the map provide cover for stealhty movement, but remember, they're not deep enough to be 100% safe so watch your back! The water courses and swampy area can also be traversed.

While buildings offer cover and raised positions, they are also dangerous places, as a sniper's scope tends to be drawn to them rather than to clumps of vegetation that can also conceal an enemy position.

Plantation screenshot 3

The plantation fields can be used for stealthy approaches and more rapid escapes, as well as flanking manoeuvres.

In TDM or TDK, tagging can be very important, as targets can slip in and out of visibility as they move between trees and other cover, so it is often better to let a team mate pick up your target than let them escape into the undergrowth.

We hope you enjoy Plantation and see you on the servers!


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