Dare you enter the Belly of the Beast?

Today we're delighted to announce that Save Churchill Part 2: Belly of the Beast is out now on Steam for PC, and will also debut alongside Part 1 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in early September.

See gameplay from the new mission in this newly released trailer on our YouTube channel.

Save Churchill Pt 2 screenshot

Don’t. Look. Down.

Nestled high in the outlying mountains of North Morocco, a concealed Nazi facility straddles the steep canyon sides, mass-producing a new generation of experimental weapons.

But the factory hides an even darker secret – the interrogation of Allied prisoners for intelligence on the movements of the Allied leaders in the run up to the Casablanca conference.

Save Churchill Part 2 screenshot

Behind it all stands Raubvogel – mastermind of the Schutzvollstrecker, a secret faction of the German military, and would-be assassin of inspirational wartime leader Winston Churchill.

OSS agent Karl Fairburne nearly gave his life in the city of Siwa just to identify Raubvogel, and now he must infiltrate the intricate maze of walkways and lofty factory interiors, destroy the weapons and reveal the plans behind a world-shattering assassination attempt.

Even by this elite sniper’s standards this is an extraordinary mission, pitting him against Germany’s most terrifying troops, every one eager to unleash their deadly new weapons ...

Can he escape the belly of the beast for one final showdown?

We hope you enjoy it snipers!

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