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Hi, my name is Sam Redford and I am the Recruitment Co-ordinator here at Rebellion. My job is quite simply to make sure we hire the best people so we can make the best games. This means I also organise our paid internships. At Rebellion we get inundated/bombarded with internship requests from undergraduates and graduates from all over the globe. This summer we had six paid interns working hard during their university break covering a variety of projects and disciplines.

I caught up with Cory and Max, Programming and Design interns respectively working in the Oxford Studio this summer. We discussed how they came across the company and any tips for future applicants.

Sam: Hi Guys, first things first, how did you come across Rebellion?

Cory: I'm a lifelong gamer and played a number of games over this time. Anything that would catch my interest I would give a try. My first encounter with Rebellion happened when I purchased Alien vs. Predator for the PC back in 1999. Since then I have come across games developed and published by Rebellion throughout including the Sniper Elite series, Evil Genius games, and Alien vs Predator games. These experiences shaped my first impressions of Rebellion.

Max: Rebellion had a stand at a careers fair at my university, and encouraged me to apply for a position with them despite my worries that I didn't have much in the way of qualifications. I got the position though, and Rebellion were flexible with how long I could stay, and what I wanted to do.

S: Cory how did you find out about an internship here?

C: While going to university for a Masters in Computer Games and Entertainment, the opportunity was presented to the students to do an internship during the summer term. After talking with a contact attached to the same university program currently working in Rebellion, the company became my top pick for completing my internship.

S: What have you learnt whilst being here so far?

C: While with Rebellion, I have learned a huge amount, from practicing programming techniques, advanced debug skills and communication and interaction within the gaming industry.

M: As a Trainee Design Intern, I've been able to learn how to use Rebellion's in-house tools, at first implementing the creations of others and subsequently making my own content for multiple mobile games. I also got to spend some time in other teams like QA and Marketing.

S: Sounds good, what projects have you worked on?

C: A very involved and gripping project that has not only been educational but fun to work on. Unfortunately this project han’t been announced yet so I can’t go into any more detail!

M: I have worked with the design team on two of Rebellion’s biggest mobile games: Harmony Isle and Zombie HQ. I have also managed to dip my toe into QA and work on a unannounced (top secret!) title.

S: Finally, what advice would you give current students thinking about internships?

C: If you want to be a programmer, keep up to date with the latest programming techniques used in the gaming industry. Use, learn, and keep expanding your knowledge in C++.

I recommend picking up "C++ for Programmers" by Michael J. Dickheiser and "Effective C++". If you know the particular area of programming you want to get involved in research that career and learn the tools of the trade. Want to be a graphics programmer? Get up to date on your Maths and look into Cuda, OpenCL, and shaders. A little research goes a long way to telling what skills you should look into on top of C++.

Believe in yourself. All my life I was told it was difficult if not impossible to get into the games industry. It held me back for years from going for it. You have to go for what you believe in and stick with it. Not only is it an achievable goal but a very fulfilling career choice from what I have experienced. This is a job that changes every day with what you may be doing so you won't be wanting for new things to try.

M: Don’t be put off if you think you don’t have the CV or high level skills. I’m slightly unusual for a typical games intern as I’m actually doing a degree in English but was still able to get to grips with the technical aspects pretty quickly. Not only did I get to work with the games themselves, but I also got to contribute to the marketing team as well. I'd definitely advise any current student considering games as a career to apply for an internship at Rebellion – you'll learn a whole load about the industry!

S: Awesome, thanks for your time guys

Rebellion reviews internship requests all year round but we get the majority of requests from September to January so most of our places for the following summer will be decided by January.

We look for the best academic students who are passionate about games and excel in their field. If you wish to apply please send your CV and a covering letter to

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