The Evil Genius Online Manifesto Vol. 18

Before I kick off this week's Evil Genius Online Blog (EGOB for those familiar), I'd like to apologise for my somewhat sporadic updates of late. Us worker Minions have been nose to the grindstone polishing, updating and fixing the game in preparation for something rather exciting. As some of you have no doubt noticed from the frequent updates on our Facebook app page, EGO is heading towards iOS devices at great speed and should be ready for people to download - for free - within the next few weeks.

Obviously, packaging what we already have now with the game and moving it across to a new format is not without its challenges. Having sat down for a quick chinwag with our lead coding Minion, one such challenge that he mentioned was optimising the game for the new platforms without compromising on how lovely and shiny the whole thing looks. Thankfully we have a crack team here at EGO Towers, and we're incredibly pleased with the results. The game still retains its fully rotational camera and runs smoothly even with a whole gaggle of brainless Minions bumbling around carrying out your nefarious plans. It's the exact same game as people have been playing on desktop machines for the last few months, and existing players will be able to leave their progress at one machine and then continue on the other platform from where they left off.

The move to tablets and phones does present design challenges to, of course. User Interface considerations must be made as buttons and systems in place for people wielding a mouse don't always transition nicely to smaller touch screens. Early in the EGO project we came to the decision to consider potential mobile versions at an early stage, meaning that barring a few tweaks here and there we already had a control system that worked very well. Planning ahead is half the battle, as they say!

We'll make sure that as soon as the game hits the App Store we announce it with suitable fanfare so you can all pick up your iDevices and set about becoming an Evil Genius on the move... or on the toilet. Whatever floats your boat.

Running alongside the above, we've also continued to push out new missions for players to get to grips with. Highly talented Evil Geniuses have been trying to secure themselves a chunk of the Moon with a new timed mission series, and some intriguing additional series that involve the complex web of loathing that surrounds Penny, Alexis and Katarina Frostonova.

Lastly, we've got a couple of new features on the design cooker being prepared for being added into the EGO mixing bowl a little later in the year. You’ll soon be able to start infiltrating other floors and interrogating captured spies. Plus there will be some new content to celebrate Halloween and the plotter of evil, Guy Fawkes.   Unfortunately I am beginning to stray into the territory where worker Minions get consigned to the Minion Tenderiser for saying too much, so to save my skin I'll sign off for now. Stay evil, and remember to keep a keen eye trained on our Facebook app page for more about that iOS version!

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