Can you survive Outpost Canyon?

Sniper Elite 3’s latest patch is now live on Steam and includes the free new multiplayer map “Outpost Canyon” which like the other free maps “Plantation”, "Lost Valley" and "Airstrip" will also be coming to consoles soon.

We grabbed Chris Alizon from Rebellion’s Runcorn studio to give us quick guide to the design philosophy of the map and give you some tricks and tips.

Take it away Chris!


An abandoned supply line high in the windswept Atlas Mountains, Outpost Canyon would have once served as vital life support to Axis. Whilst the war rages on elsewhere Outpost Canyon has been deserted, evidence of previous battles is everywhere; forgotten vehicles and artillery litter the mountainside.

Outpost Canyon Screenshot 3



Whilst the rooftops of the north and south buildings are the more obvious sniping points, with a bit of exploration players can find equally good sniping opportunities amongst the rocks and ridges.

Use the natural cover to your advantage, hide amongst the bushes to lose your attacker, peer over ridgelines to get the drop on your opponent.

Outpost Canyon Screenshot 2


The main aim was to create a free flowing, sparsely populated, open map that was visually distinctive and that had its own flavour of playing style. 

We used the rolling terrain to create the elevated positions and height variation seen throughout the map, also to provide multiple expansive views for long shots.

Players will be forced to think more about their surroundings, and use the foliage and natural cover of the environment to navigate and seek out new sniping opportunities. 

Outpost Canyon is available now on PC for free to all Sniper Elite 3 players and will be coming to consoles soon.


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