Rebellion go Metal

If you watched the Apple Live Event this evening you may have seen that Rebellion was announced as a partner developer of Apple’s new technology, Metal! We’re very proud to be working with Apple to take our mobile games to the next level of quality and performance.

Although we are more known for our PC and console titles including Sniper Elite 3 and Aliens vs Predator, Rebellion has been making waves on mobile in recent years with technologically advanced iOS titles including Zombie HQ and Joust Legend.

All of Rebellion’s games run on our versatile multiplatform game engine Asura, and Rebellion Co-founder and CTO Chris Kingsley realised Metal’s potential as soon as it was announced at Apple’s WWDC in June of this year:

“We’re excited to be working so closely with Apple’s technology in our Asura Engine as it will empower us to code to the metal, remove some of the main rendering bottlenecks and bring even better looking, more immersive games to iOS devices. Metal is leading the way in the next generation of mobile rendering technologies. It could be a real turning point for mobile gaming.”

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