12 Deals of Christmas!

Ah, the festive season is upon us! The blood, the noise, the endless Christmas carols...

Not to be outdone our Rebellion Gamestore is celebrating December the only way we know how – with a cheeky Christmas pun and a cracking discount on Rebellion tees and Steam keys!

From December 8-19th the Rebellion Gamestore is offering UP TO 33% OFF EVERYTHING, and a huge 50% OFF the Exclusive Limited Special Edition of Sniper Elite 3!

On top of this, we’ll be dropping 12 daily deals (see below), each themed around the “12 Days of Christmas” song. Can you guess the pun from the game?!

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Note - deals start at 9am, UK time.

DAY 1 (TUES 8th)

75% OFF Sniper Elite 3 Limited Special Edition

33% OFF ANY Sniper Elite 3 t-shirt

DAY 2 (WEDS 9th)

FREE Sniper Elite 3 Season pass AND 50% off when you buy Sniper Elite 3

33% OFF ANY Sniper Elite 3 t-shirt

DAY 3 (THURS 10th)

66% OFF Evil Genius

33% OFF Evil Genius T-shirt

DAY 4 (FRI 11th)

66% OFF ALL DLC for Sniper Elite 3 & Sniper Elite V2

33% OFF ANY Sniper Elite 3 t-shirt

DAY 5 (SAT 12th)

Up to 70% OFF Any Zombie Army (or Nazi Zombie Army) games

33% OFF ANY Nazi Zombie Army t-shirt

DAY 6 (SUN 13th)

66% OFF All Ground Control games

66% OFF Moonbase Commander

DAY 7 (MON 14th)

66% OFF Alien vs Predator Classic 2000

DAY 8 (TUES 15th)

FREE Dredd vs Death  when you buy Rogue Trooper at 33% OFF.

DAY 9 (WEDS 16th)

50% off Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries

33% off Battlezone t-shirt

DAY 10 (THURS 17th)

50% OFF ALL Lords of the Realm and Lords of Magic games

DAY 11 (FRI 18th)

90% OFF Sniper Elite when you get Sniper Elite V2 or Sniper Elite 3 for 70% OFF!

DAY 12 (SAT 19th)

Something very special and very huge (oor, er!) indeed ... check back for news soon!