Robo. Puppy. Army!

Especially cunning minions may have noticed an Evil Genius Online update including an important new mission and the return of the Leaderboard of Infamy!

Having seen his beloved cat Tiddles rejected at a dog show for being ... well, not a dog ... Max has vowed to have his revenge by building an army of Robot Puppies!

Help him in this task and reap the rewards!

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Rewards for every player

Create 10, 25, 50 or 100 new additions for Max’s Robo Puppy Army and you’ll be rewarded for your support to the cause – the more you make, the more rewards you get!

Hint – 100 Puppies might earn you a pile of something very hard and very shiny.

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Leaderboard of Infamy - awesome prizes for the top 100!

Robo Puppy Army Prizes

The more Puppies you build, the higher up the Global Leaderboard of Infamy you’ll rise.

Check your progress by clicking the “Win Prizes” button when you select the 3D Printer or click here to view the leaderboard at any time.

Think you’ve got the cunning to build a legion of Robo Puppies? Penny has kindly sourced exclusive prizes for the top 100 players!

Here’s what you could win:

1st place will win:

2nd – 10th Place will win:

11th – 100th place will win:

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Hints & Tips

Here’s some ideas that can help you get into the top 100:

Best of luck minions, Max is counting on you. Tiddles will be avenged!

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