Biggest. Update. EVER.

This week we’re really pleased to be rolling out a huge update for Evil Genius Online across iPhone, iPad, Facebook, Android - basically all platforms – the biggest we’ve done yet in fact. It’s an update that we’re very proud of and that will bring a lot of new content and game elements into the mix for our players.

Take no prisoners! No, wait. Take LOTS of prisoners!

Ever wanted to stop pesky Syndicate members sending spies into your Lair? From this week onward you can! Sentry Guns can be bought and placed around your Lair and will fire upon any target in their range; any Spy caught in the hail of bullets will have their health depleted and eventually collapse. Any Spy that collapses will then be automatically taken to the defending player’s Holding Cell on their Second Floor for players to interrogate and gain useful Trade Secrets!

Man, it's a shooting gallery down there ...

Sentry Guns can be upgraded to improve their damage and accuracy and then placed in any suitable portion of corridor available. Chances are you might want to take a look at your Lair layout and make a few changes here and there in order to get the most out of your new defences. Do you spread the Sentry Guns out and hope they can pick off intruders individually, or clump them together and run the risk that the majority of your Lair isn’t covered? Up to you, Evil Geniuses!

Of course, there are other means of ensuring you snag those crucial spies. Your Floor Security being high is another handy way of capturing opposing snoopers – if a floor on your Lair has over 75% Security then you will also be bagging Spies in your Holding Cell if that floor is infiltrated.

Going back to those Trade Secrets for a moment, players will be able to collect different types of these and then use them to upgrade equipment and undertake new assignments in their Lair. They’re certainly worth getting hold of as they’ll allow your Lair to run more efficiently and open up new avenues and resource types, and if you can nab a few enemy Spies into the bargain then it’s a win-win situation!

Breaking down the fourth floor

This update also sees the opening of a brand new Ground Floor for players to build new equipment and craft some new items as a somewhat legitimate front for their evil empires. Included amongst all this are a selection of highly unhealthy food items and some interesting and potentially lethal plant-based resources. Train up your Minions and get them working away on these items – as long as they do, your legitimate front will throw those annoying Forces of Justice off your scent... for a little while, at least!

Getting back to your loots

Alongside the addition of Sentry Guns, Interrogation and the Ground Floor, players will also be able to tackle a couple of brand new Loot mission series too, offering players the chance to steal a set of rare Samurai Armour and a rather valuable Stolen Throne into the bargain. Along the way you’ll have to form a strange and uneasy alliance with Katarina Frostonova, scupper John Steele in as humiliating a manner as possible and work with Max to win back an item that he believes truly belongs to him in the first place.

Android awesomeness

Amongst all this we’ve also spent time working on the game’s performance and stability on Android devices, alongside general performance improvements across all platforms. Added to a raft of tweaks, improvements and a spot of data adjustments the game is now running smoother than ever.

All of this work will have been all the more tricky without our loyal and diligent beta testers, for which we are ever grateful to them and their valuable feedback.

With that I’m off – a design minion’s work is never finished, even after a huge update like this goes live!  Stay evil, and good luck with arranging your Lair into an all-singing gun-slinging Spy trap! 

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