Battlezone crushes it at E3

Last week Rebellion unveiled our brand new project on the games industry's biggest stage, the E3 Entertainment Expo. It was such a thrill to finally show the world Battlezone, our bold new reboot of the tank combat classic for virtual reality devices.

Not only did we announce Battlezone for PlayStation 4 and for PC, but we had a demo up, running and playable on Sony's Project Morpheus headset. Attendees from all over the world came to play the latest games at E3, and it was so exciting to not only see people playing our game for the first time, but also really enjoying it. 

It's not just the response on the show floor that's been hugely encouraging. Over the last week Battlezone has featured in a number of hands-on previews, and the press had plenty to say about their time with the demo. 

In his piece on why E3 finally proved that consumer VR will work, Wired UK's Michael Rundle said Battlezone was "one of the most entertaining games at the entire E3 conference." He added, "The game gives players an extremely entertaining and immersive game experience that was defined by VR, but not limited by it." 

The headset enthusiasts at Road to VR posted a full hands-on preview, with Paul James saying he'd be happy to put money down for Battlezone based on his time with the demo. Paul wrote, "Rebellion seems to 'get' virtual reality and more importantly seem to have a great handle on the technical aspects of delivering a good VR experience." 

Meanwhile, Digital Spy featured Battlezone as one of the new VR games that was "so hot" at E3. After cooling off his hands, Matt Hill said, "If this could be converted into a multiplayer shootout, we may never take the headset off." 

Other outlets felt Battlezone was one demo that stood out from the crowd. "Driving around this arena is undoubtedly one of the most fun experiences VRFocus has ever with any VR head-mounted display," said Kevin Joyce in a detailed preview

While John Gaudosi of Fortune said Battlezone "stands out from the crowded VR gaming field because it's easy to jump into and addictive to play - just like the original - only much improved." 

Of course, reporters covered E3 with their cameras too. Gameplay videos from the likes of Road to VR, PS Nation and DvLZGaME show what it's like to put on the Project Morpheus headset and step into the game's incredible neon-splashed arenas. 

Back with the written word, Shortlist's Jonathan Pile felt it's the sense that you're really moving in Battlezone's iconic tank that makes the demo so successful: "You're actually moving the tank and it handles perfectly." 

We'll leave the last word to Gizmodo and Sean Hollister, who summarized our feelings on Battlezone as well as anyone. According to Sean, Battlezone felt "pretty damn fun," and ultimately that's what we really want to hear. 

We'll have plenty more on Battlezone in the coming weeks and months, so be sure to check in on the Rebellion blog this summer. 

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