Battlezone 98 Redux Modding Competition!


Whether you’re a mod master or a newbie (or you’ve never even tried modding!) now has never been a better time to try your hand at modding!

Here at Rebellion we love mods of all shapes and sizes, and our aim is to get more players to not only download mods, but create their own!

That’s why we’re offering awesome prizes to 5 LUCKY MODDERS, including a brand new Toshiba Gaming Laptop, AMD GPUs and CPUs, and Rebellion Anthologies! 


“Isn’t modding hard?”

NOPE! For basic mods all you need is a little patience, a good knowledge of Windows Explorer and your favourite image editing software.

We've even listed some great guides to help you get started over on the competition page!


So, what do I need to do?

To be in with a chance of winning, we want you to create the best mod you possibly can, whether it’s a new skin for your favourite tank, a new HUD design, a new multiplayer map, an all new Instant Action (singleplayer) map or whatever you like! 

Then, simply upload it to the Steam workshop (or hosting website) before August 4th so that our expert Battlezone 98 Redux judges and moderators can have a play! For more details on uploading your creation, head over to the competition page!

What can I win?

We've got a bunch of great prizes that you could win, check them out:

Bonus awards – we’ll be giving away more keys and tees to plenty more mods that caught our eye, not just the best ones! 


For the full prize list, details on how to enter, and other useful information, head to our competition page!



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