Cinematic Trailer Unveiled, Photo Mode Announced and Post-Launch Plans Detailed!

Our hard-working minions have put together a stunning 4-minute Cinematic Trailer for Evil Genius 2: World Domination – showcasing some stunning CGI alongside brand-new gameplay footage!

Think of this trailer as World Domination 101 – from lair-building to training your minions, and from recruiting crime lords to stealing priceless artefacts. It’s everything you’ll need to help you take over the world in just two weeks’ time.  Speaking of things happening in 2 weeks…

Spy Cameras Activated!

Photo Mode is coming to Evil Genius 2 – and it will be available at launch for FREE! Take stunning snaps of your minions, your island Lair, and whatever else takes your fancy. In Photo Mode you can adjust camera options like field of view, depth of field and focal distance, toggle the visibility of different characters, and apply a range of filters, overlays and more. Just make sure your snapshots don’t fall into the hands of the Forces of Justice.

Post-Launch Plans!

The treachery won’t stop at release! As revealed previously, there will be a season of new content coming to the game in the weeks and months after launch, and that includes both paid and free content.

While the dev team is strictly focusing on launch right now, Rebellion can reveal a new campaign pack is planned for post-launch, featuring a new playable Genius, island lair and Force of Justice. Across other packs we’ll also introduce new henchmen, minion types, room types, traps, items and more. We’ll go into all of these in more detail shortly after launch, including the timings of various releases – so please stay tuned.  

Until next time – Stay Sinister!