Code Jobs

We currently have various gameplay and engine code roles available, have a look on the right!

Join the Rebellion if you want to influence the ongoing development of our game engine as well as our games. Gameplay programmers work directly with the engine source code and contribute to it as part of day-to-day development. Engine programmers also work closely with gameplay teams and often focus on shipping specific games.

A little more info about our game engine and technology...

At Rebellion we are very proud of being at the forefront of game engine development and we have our own in-house engine and toolset called Asura. This is developed by our own full-time engine code team based at our Oxford studio. Our technology is developed depending on our own in-house needs, focussed on meeting the demands of the games we have in development.

Asura supports multiple platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and mobile (Android and iOS) and is already compatible with the latest virtual reality headsets.



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