The second exciting chapter in DEATHSTORM, a BRAND NEW mini-campaign for Sniper Elite 4 is OUT NOW on PlayStation 4 (EU/North America), Xbox One and PC!


New to Deathstorm? It’s a 3-part campaign for 1-2 players set after the events of Sniper Elite 4 as Karl Fairburne moves North through Italy. Remember all three new campaign missions can be purchased separately, or come included in the Season Pass or Digital Deluxe Editions.

Agent Karl Fairburne has recovered the ‘Deathstorm’ package – canisters full of deadly plutonium particles. Now he’s been dispatched to the Fascist-occupied north of Italy to find out what the Nazis are planning for their new weapon. The beautiful medieval town of Niroli, now a regional centre for the Nazi propaganda machine and garrisoned with a strong Italian force, holds the key to Deathstorm.

Karl must infiltrate the town, find a prominent Italian scientist and rescue his wife – a crucial Allied informant – before it’s too late.

Set at dusk amidst the winding alleys, yawning rooftops and lofty towers of a venerable walled city, Deathstorm Part 2 offers an atmospheric and tactically varied environment packed with deadly opportunity, a new elite enemy unit and an explosive new weapon …


New content doesn’t end there; The URBAN ASSAULT EXPANSION PACK also arrives on April 25th packed with 8 urban-themed rifle skins, male and female ghillie characters and 3 iconic new weapons: the Winchester, Sten and Walther PPK.


And finally, we’ve released a huge free update packed with new content and gameplay tweaks (see patch notes below). A free new map, “Urban”, works across Survival mode and all competitive multiplayer modes, including a returning favourite – Capture the Flag!

Stay tuned for more updates in late Spring and Summer as Sniper Elite 4 continue to work on updates and new content.


The second chapter in DEATHSTORM is now live!

New game mode added – CAPTURE THE FLAG

New map added – URBAN (multiplayer and survival)

Updated trophies and achievements

Extra anti cheat measures on all multiplayer maps

Various bug fixes and gameplay tweaks