Do you have what it takes to fight in Hell’s Cauldron in Zombie Army 4?

Slayers Assemble! Today, we invite our slayers to take on hordes of the undead in the FREE new Hell’s Cauldron map. Developed in collaboration with Flix Interactive and Radical Forge, we’re also delighted to introduce cross-play and cross-platform chat between PC and PlayStation players so you can now team up to take on the zombie legions.

View the new trailer, which showcases Hell’s Cauldron here:

In addition to the free Horde Map and cross-play functionality, further outfits, weapons, skins and charms are also available as part of Season 3 or to purchase separately. The latest content concludes Season 3 of Zombie Army 4 and is available as part of the Season Pass.

Occult Karl Outfit
With occult symbols shining on his deathly pale skin, something nasty flowing in his veins, and hollow eyes glimmering with an ominous light – you might say Karl’s had something of a glow-up, but you’d be dead wrong. This pack includes:

  • Occult Karl Outfit
  • 2 Hats for Karl (Occult Officer’s Cap + Steel Skull Mask)

Strange Brigade Headgear Pack
Humorous hats and menacing masks! Definitely an appropriate use for priceless antiquities. This pack contains the following pieces of headgear, usable by all characters:

  • Mummy Head Mask
  • Bull Mask
  • Assassin’s Death Mask
  • Seteki Headdress

Blowtorch Weapon Bundle
Hell just got a little bit hotter! It’s always a good idea to have a blowtorch to hand. This Weapon Bundle contains:

  • Blowtorch
  • 2 Charms (Dragon Egg + Cracked Pressure Gauge)
  • 2 Weapon Skins (Painted like a Dragon + Brass)

Bandages Weapon Skins
Bring a new meaning to taking care of your weapons with these tightly wound dressings! Apply a Bandages finish to the following weapons: Gewehr 43, M1 Garand, Mosin-Nagant M91/30, M30 Drilling, MP44, Thompson, Trench Gun, C96 Pistol, M1911 & Webley MKVI.

Tarot Charm Pack
From the hand you’ve been dealt, pick your favourite esoteric figure to clip to your weapon. This pack contains the following charms:

  • The Emperor
  • The Hermit
  • The Tower
  • Judgement

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Epic Games Store, Steam, Microsoft Store and Google Stadia. It’s also playable on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S with upgraded new-gen features.