Sniper Elite PSVR & PCVR | Tuesday 20 July Patch Notes

Fellow snipers,

A huge thanks to the community for continuing to support Sniper Elite VR. The feedback has been incredibly useful and will positively impact the game moving forward. The team will continue to support you in any way we can, so please get in touch with regards to any suggestions or bug concerns.

Here are the patch notes in full:

  • Windows language selection will now look at the system language rather than the users region setting.
  • Booting game with controllers off would cause them to become unresponsive when turned on.
  • Gun stocks are now supported to Beta standard. Please enable ‘Controller Stock Grip’ from the options screen.
  • The HP Reverb G2 VR headset is now officially supported.
    • When using the HP Reverb G2 VR headset the controller vibration would be too strong when interacting with objects/prompts.
    • The HP Reverb G2 VR controllers are now displayed correctly in game.
    • When using the HP Reverb G2 VR headset the weapon alignment is now correctly positioned to the player hand.
    • G2 support players will need to ensure they have Windows 10: version 1903/1909 (KB4577062 or later) or 2004 (KB4577063 or later) installed.
  • Players will now be able to move against objects and look directly down without triggering the out of bounds functionality.
  • Players will no longer enter out of bounds on holding the option button to re-center tracking while standing close to the wall of small room present in front of SMG range.
  • ‘Out of bounds’ error will no longer flash on the screen when the player rotates to its fixed position at the initial spawn point.
  • The ‘Seed of ones own destruction’ achievement will now unlock correctly.
  • We have now revised the tutorial for usage of Aim Focus and have added tutorial pages for pistols, SMGs and non-gun items.
  • Pistol reload tutorial prompt failed to disappear on continuously pressing the ‘B’ button on the controller.
  • The ‘Squeeze trigger to fire’ text failed to appear in the scope if the player holds the rifle in the left hand during tutorial.
  • The Rotation Analog stick and the pause button will no longer fail to function when the movement mode is changed to free movement. This occurred after the game was paused, while the player was about to move using the teleport mode.
  • After putting the headset back on, the results screen score counter sound effect no longer continues to play after pressing continue.
  • The Scrapbook buttons failed to highlight or function when the standing position is reset via Steam VR menu while loading into the Farmhouse.
  • On Index, the default binding for the pause button on the Knuckle controllers is now correctly mapped.
  • On PlayStation VR, the one-handed controls now supports the teleport rewind function.
  • On Steam VR, the teleport Rewind button is now mapped to the controllers.
  • The Teleport rewind feature will no longer trap players forcing them to reset the stage.
  • Hand will not prioritise the magazine when swapping hands with the pistol.
  • Virtual Left hand no longer disappears when player holds a loaded M30 Drilling in right hand and picks up ammo from pouch using left hand.
  • Virtual hand no longer remains invisible until user releases the ‘Hold’ button or moves away while interacting with the lever of the control panel.
  • A gap on the Springfield scope lens has now been fixed
  • Scope lens is no longer removed when the grab point is placed in front of it.
  • Scope no longer cut-off while reloading the ‘Lee-Enfield No. 4’ and ‘M1903 Springfield’ rifles during gameplay
  • Active areas on the belt have now been expanded and separated. Changes to the belt positioning and stow colliders have also now improved the user’s interactions with the belt.
  • Active areas on the weapons have now been expanded and separated. Adjusted grab points have been applied to the De Lisle, Gewehr, Drilling & Fnab weapons. Fixed break action hand offset now correctly calculates position.
  • Chest area stow point should now be clearer to the player.
  • On occasion, the belt would sometimes get twisted. A new system has now been implemented for estimating belt position based on head transform.
  • Weapon UI no longer gets stuck in mid-air after tilting the gun using one hand and holding the weapon bolt with the other.
  • The Colour blind options now have correct names.
  • Significant improvements have been applied to the visual quality by addressing multiple art issues relating to texture & LOD popping, collision and environment occlusion.
  • General AI and gameplay improvements.
  • Enemy detection is fast, cool down is slow; AI adjustments have been made most to help with stealth situations.
  • Player failed to climb the ladders by the left movement stick after setting the Primary hand to ‘Left’
  • Playing the game in stealth was reported as being too difficult for some new players. AI adjustments, Welrod adjustments and stealth tutorial pages have now been added to rectify this.
  • Enemies on The Last Drop would sometimes not leave the areas they spawn, resulting in a progression blocker.
  • Mission failed screen would appear instantly after loading the save created immediately when a grenade explodes.
  • General audio improvements.
  • Improvements to the quality of the localisation.
  • General bug fixing and quality of life improvements.

See you on the battlefield!