Arca’s Path VR

PC • Oculus Rift • Gear VR1December 4, 2018

Available now on PlayStation VR, Oculus RiftOculus GO, Samsung Gear VR, HTC ViveHTC Vive Focus and Windows Mixed Reality!

Tricked by a wicked android witch, you must seek a path home and escape the simulated world of Arca. Fully integrated across all major VR platforms, with intuitive hands-free gameplay, Arca’s Path is an atmospheric VR gaming experience.

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A Dark Fairytale – Enter the simulated world of Arca and unlock the truth, in a truly immersive VR gaming experience.

Challenging Physics-based Gameplay – Find your path through 25 levels of stunning crystalline landscapes.

Hands-free Control – Head tracking VR technology uses your gaze to intuitively lead the character’s sphere with skill and precision.

Ambient Soundtrack – Experience the chilled experimental electro music of Ninja Tunes artist, Raffertie.

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