Guns 4 Hire

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​This city's gone to hell, a war zone of burnt-out cars, dust storms and the stench of death, all fueled by the most ruthless dictators and war lords the world has ever seen. Governments are helpless to stop the trail of destruction... it's time to call in the big guns! 

A band of the most ferocious, macho, gung ho mercs to ever walk a battlefield! There's no job too small and if the cash is right, no job too dangerous.

When no-one’s willing to help or there’s no-one who can, it's time to call ... Guns 4 Hire!!

  • Wild Warfare! 18 missions of bullet riddled, bone shattering carnage Guns 4 Hire style.
  • Divide and conquer! Squad based tactics and single character control, bring the pain to the insurgents!
  • Killer Crew! Boomer, Faraday, Burns and L.T. all with their own specialist skills, from explosives to heavy artillery.
  • Call in the big guns! Grenades, mines, automated turrets and air strikes for total devastation!
  • Juice up! Boost your squad’s health and regeneration with new apparel and head gear - kill in style!
  • Lock and load! Enhanced flamethrowers, miniguns, rocket launchers and handguns with over 20 separate upgrades per weapon!