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🎬 STREAM TODAY It's Warwick's turn up to bat in the @SniperElite nutshot challenge! Can they break Oxford's record…

18 April 2019

🔴 LIVE NOW It's Rebellion Oxford's turn to see how many shots they can get on target - tune in now! #Twitch:…

17 April 2019

Why yes, we did spend some time setting up 'nut buttons.' Tune in at 6PM UK time!

17 April 2019

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Tweets from @ZombieHQGame!

Happy New Year slayers! Thank you all for supporting Zombie HQ through 2014, we're looking forward to 2015!

1 January 2015

Merry Christmas slayers! Don't forget, just because it's the holiday season you still need to be prepared.

25 December 2014

Getting ready for the #AppleEvent everything seems in order here. Looking forward to some big news!

9 September 2014

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