Jason responds to Sniper Elite 4 rumours

Earlier today (Monday Feb 15th, 2016) VideoGamer.com posted a story about rumours of a Sniper Elite 4 project in development.

David Scammell at VideoGamer did kindly give Rebellion a chance to respond to before publishing the story, and here is Jason Kingsley’s response in full.

“To be honest we’re flattered that people are actively searching out for a new Sniper Elite title, and we certainly don’t mind being mentioned next to projects like Black Ops 3 and Unreal!” Kingsley said in a statement provided to us this afternoon. “However the person in question doesn’t work for Rebellion and we haven’t announced a new entry in the Sniper Elite series.”

“Last year we celebrated the Sniper Elite series’ 10th birthday and 10 millionth sale, so our IP is still hugely important to both Rebellion and independent UK games development. We’re actually gearing up to announce a new Rebellion game soon, so expect to hear more from us before GDC!”

In short? We can’t confirm the unnannounced projects we’re working on, but expect some news very soon!